I did not receive my loyalty/reward points? How do I go about with it?

To earn Points on the website: 

  • Go through the regular ticket booking flow.
  • Scroll down to the page and tick on Earn Loyalty Points
  • Enter your Payback Card number
  • Click on Pay Now.

To earn Points on The mobile app (PAYBACK) 

  • On the app, at the 'Hamburger' choose settings.
  • Once you under Settings you get an option for PAYBACK, enter your PayBack card number to earn the loyalty points.

To Redeem Points on the website and app:

  • Go through the regular booking flow and while making the payment choose “Redeem Points” - Select the Reward form the drop-down window.
  • To redeem Payback points, type your name and your payback card number or your phone number linked to it.
  • To redeem Citi bank reward points, Select it from the drop-down list and then type in the details asked.