I did not receive a confirmation SMS/email for a transaction I am charged for.

  • If the booking is confirmed, you should be able to see an active ticket under the 'Purchase History' on the app/website as well as receive SMS/Whatsapp confirmation and Email.

  • Now you can use the 'Resend Confirmation' feature at the bottom of the web page to get your confirmation if you haven't received it or you just need a copy. We even have the feature enabled on the app too.  

  • In case you cannot see an active booking for the transaction that you have done or receive confirmation, please contact us at helpdesk@bookmyshow.com, LIVE CHATS or call us at 022 - 61445050 or 022-39895050. We will help you with the exact status of your transaction.

Note:  If you've faced an unsuccessful transaction while booking on our website/app,  the amount charged gets refunded within 4-5 working days. It may take a bit longer (10 working days) for a nationalized bank. In case of a payment done using a mobile wallet the charged amount will be refunded within 24 hours.