What is Simpl?

  • Simpl is a payment method where the payment is made first (on credit) and the user can make the payments via Simpl twice a month.

  • Its primary benefit is one click checkout.

  • The settlement has to be done between the user and Simpl, BookMyShow has no role to play.

  • Only a limited number of users are eligible to pay through Simpl.

  • The eligibility is decided by Simpl team and is linked to the phone number of the user.

  • Simpl is a convenient mode of payment which enables the user to make quick payments without having to enter card details, Expiry Dates and CVV.

  • When a user transacts for the first time, he gets a text message which has a link appended. The link enables the user to access his account and make timely payments.

  • The due date falls on 1st and 16th of every month. This makes it easy for the user to remember the date to make the payment.

  • Penalty/Late Payment: A user gets a grace period of 7 days from the due date, after which a user would be liable to pay a late payment fee of a maximum of Rs. 250/-

  • In case a user does not make a payment at all it could lead to certain legal implications.

  • Which ever user is eligible for the 'Simpl' option, he/she would be able to view the option under the payment mode.

  • The spending limit varies from user to user. The increment in the spending limit depends on user behavior, repayments and usage patterns.

  • If the user does not use Simpl, there is no penalty

On which platform can a BMS user avail Simpl option?


- For BMS users, Simpl option is available only on Android for now. It is part of the new release 4.4.


How can a user pay using Simpl?


- If the user is eligible for Simpl, the option for Simpl would appear on the payment page. The user is required to verify the phone number through an OTP once.


What does Simpl’s billing cycle look like? (from company website)


- Let’s take the month of July as an example.

All your orders received from the 1st to the 15th of the month will be recorded in one bill, which will be generated on the 15th evening. You will receive a link in the SMS to pay it by the next day (16th July).

Orders received from the 16th to the end of the month (31st in this is case), will be recorded in the next bill, which will generated on the 31st(last day of the month). Again, you will then have to settle it by the next day (1st August).


 While booking would it (Simpl option) reflect under Payment options or Other Wallets? 

 - Under Payment options.

 If the customer is charged and if it is a Bad Transaction where would the amount be refunded?

- Directly to Simpl even if the user has opted for refunds into the wallet.