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Unsuccessful transaction while booking?

If your transaction was unsuccessful while booking tickets and you did not get the confirmation page nor the booking SMS/E-mail, we would refund the amount to your account within a maximum of 5 to 7 working days.

Trying to Avail an Offer or Redeem Voucher?

In the event of redeeming the Offer/Voucher and the transaction being incomplete, cancelled or unsuccessful; the Offer/Voucher gets blocked in the system for 20 to 30 minutes which is then automatically released after the mentioned period and is made available for redemption.

In the event of encountering an error "Sorry, we can`t proceed with the booking for this offer since the offer has already been exhausted" you are recommended to try availing the offer as soon as it gets refreshed.

For more information with regards to Offers listed on our website refer to the link:-


Cancellation Request?

If you are looking out for a cancellation we would like to inform you that BookMyShow is a ticketing aggregator. As cinemas do not have a cancellation policy, we would be unable to offer the same from our end.

Show cancellation 

If the show is cancelled from the cinema's end, the refund will be processed to the source. You may expect the refund in 5-7 working days, in case of a nationalized bank it may take up to 10 working days.

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