I have not received my confirmation SMS. Pls, help!

- If the booking is confirmed, you should be able to see an active ticket under the 'Purchase History' on the app/website as well as receive SMS/Whatsapp confirmation and Email. 

- In case you are able to see a confirmed booking, please resend the confirmation from the 'Purchase History'.

- You may also resend it from the website, by the 'Resend Confirmation' feature at the bottom of the web page to get your confirmation if you haven't received it or you just need a copy. We even have the feature enabled on the app too. 

- In case you cannot see an active booking for the transaction that you have done or receive confirmation, please contact us at helpdesk@bookmyshow.com, LIVE CHATS or call us at 022 - 61445050 or 022-39895050. We will help you with the exact status of your transaction.