Please help us with the organizer's name.

  • The matches are organized by JSW Bengaluru Football Club Pvt Ltd.

What is the address for Sree Kanteerava Outdoor Stadium?

By what time do we need to enter the stadium?

  • You will have to arrive at the stadium at least  2 hours prior to match timing.

Would I be allowed in case I am late for the Match? 

  • Yes, late entry is allowed.

Is re-entry allowed?

  • No, unfortunately, re-entry is not allowed for the match. 

Are children allowed for the event?

  • Children above the age of 2 are allowed for the match.

What is age limit to buy a ticket?

  • Children above the age of 4 years have to purchase a ticket. 

How is the seating arrangement?

  • This a free seating event.

What is the capacity of the stadium?

  • The overall capacity of the venue is 20,000 approx.