If cancelation for these tickets was available. We would have loved to help you out. However, we would be unable to cancel this booking since it is reserved at the cinema and the cinema that you have selected does not allow cancellation.

If you cannot make it for the movie you can definitely gift these tickets to your friends or relatives.

It is not that the cancellation option is unavailable. There are cinema's that offer cancellation of bookings done on our website up-to 20 minutes, 2 hours and 4 hours before the show time.

However, the tickets that you have booked in this cinema, does not allow the option to cancel a booking like other cinema does. Hence, we are unable to help you today.

Another perk of being a loyal customer is that we have an invite-only programme for customers who are frequent transactors with us.

As soon as you are eligible you would be able to see the 'Superstar' option on your BookMyShow profile.

Under this programme, you get to cancel your tickets once in 6 months up to 20 mins prior to the show time.

Please Note:

In case you booked tickets for play /event/ sports tickets once booked cannot be cancelled, exchanged or modified as per cancelation policy.