What is a Credit Voucher?

A credit voucher is a six digit numeric voucher valid for an hour and fifteen minutes. If you've received a credit voucher, good news, it means your payment is received, but unfortunately the ticket booking was unsuccessful, which can be due to multiple factors such as connectivity issue such at the venue, delayed payment by the service in use, etc 

How do I use a Credit Voucher?

It's real simple, just follow the instructions below:

Your credit voucher is always equal to the amount paid (minus any offer value, gift voucher value, reward points, etc). Just repeat a transaction for the same value (value can equal to, or lower, not higher than the amount paid) and reach the booking confirmation page. Make sure the contact details used are the same as for the transaction for which the credit voucher was generated.

Once on the confirmation page, please find 'More Payment Options' - 'Credit Voucher' - enter the six digit voucher code and viola! The amount pending shall turn to 'zero', after which you can confirm the payment and wait for the ticket confirmation.

What if I don't use the Credit Voucher?

No fret, as mentioned above, the credit voucher is valid for an hour and fifteen minutes since the unsuccessful transaction. If the voucher remains unused, the entire payment is refunded back to your source of funds as per your bank timelines.If the value of the newer transaction is lower than the amount debited, the difference amount is auto-reversed.