The payment has been deducted but I haven't received the tickets

Uh oh! That's not how we intended the transaction to go down. 

If you have been charged for a transaction, it will appear under 'Purchase History'. 

If the confirmation is yet to received via SMS/Email/WhatsApp*, it would mean that the ticket booking is unsuccessful. 

Be rest assured, such payment is auto-reversed back to the source of funds. 

The reversal is ideally initiated in a few hours itself and reflects in private bank accounts in 4/5 bank days and in 10 bank days in case of a government bank account.

UPI transaction refunds ideally reflect in 3 to 4 bank days. Mobile-wallet transactions are refunded in 24 hours.

Once the payment is reversed on our end, you'll be notified via SMS/EMail on the contact details used to transact.

*WhatsApp confirmations are sent only if they've been opted for and enabled.