India vs Australia - 2nd ODI - Rajkot, Gujarat - 2020

Who are the organizers for this game?

'Saurashtra Cricket Association' is organizing this game.

When is this match being held? When can I enter?

The game is scheduled for 17th January 2020. The expected start time is 2 PM.
Entry gates open a couple of hours prior to the start time.

Where is this game being played? How many people can this stadium accommodate?

The game is to be played at 'Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium', Rajkot, Gujarat. The overall stadium capacity is approx 28,510.

Would I be allowed if I am late for the match?

Yes, fortunately, late entry is allowed. Re-entry, however, is not permitted.

Can I bring my children along for the game? Will they require a ticket?

Yes, you can take your children along, provided they're accompanied by an adult. Children aged two & above require a ticket.

How many tickets can I book per transaction?

Ten tickets per transaction are permitted.

Which categories have an enclosure?

Only the corporate boxes include an enclosure. 

Which categories include air conditioning?

A/C is included in corporate boxes i.e. South Level 3 and West Level 2 & 3

Which tickets are inclusive of Hospitality (Food & Beverages)?

The 'South Corporate Boxes' and the 'West Corporate Boxes' are inclusive of food & beverages. 

Expect vegetarian food to be served. Don't expect alcohol to be served.

Are infants & baby food allowed?

Unfortunately, security measures prevent, among other things, baby food inside the premises.

Infants are permitted entry, however, we suggest infants not be taken to the game.

Which categories are near the dug-out?

South Level 1  - Block 1 & 2 have seats closest to the player dugouts.

My tickets are lost/damaged/torn. What now?

As long as the QR code/bar code is readable, the tickets are valid. Else, the tickets are considered invalid.
We would be unable to reissue tickets in the unfortunate instance that they are lost or damaged.

What electronics are allowed in the stadium?

Keep your phone charged on the way to the stadium, folks. Security only permits mobile phones. Power banks, analog/digital cameras are not allowed. We suggest users abide by this to breeze through the security process.

So exactly what is allowed and what's not?

Essentially, just you, the physical tickets along with your cell phone and a wallet/purse.
We suggest patrons follow this checklist to breeze by the security process.

Can I carry my backpack? What about a sling-bag?

Backpacks are not permitted. Female ticket holders, feel free to carry a sling bag.

Are binoculars allowed?

No, binoculars and similar instruments are best left outside the stadium.