The minimum age to enter Tomorrowland Winter is 18 years old. Note, you must be at least 18 years old before the start of the festival. This is a strict policy and no exceptions will be made, even if the minor is accompanied by an adult.

Tomorrowland Winter Main stage is open from Wednesday, March 18th to Friday, March 20th.


Tomorrowland Winter tickets and/or bracelets are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

In the event of loss or theft of Tomorrowland Winter tickets and/or Bracelets they will neither be replaced nor refunded. 

The Festival Organizer and/or the official ticket vendor reserve the right to verify the identity of the Festival Visitor upon checking the ticket and/or scanning of the Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet. If you fail to present a valid proof of identity, security is authorized to refuse your access to the Festival. The following will be considered valid identification documents: identity card, passport or a driving license. Copies will not be accepted. In case you are caught with a fake identification document this will be considered identity fraud and you will be refused access to the Festival. You may also face criminal charges.

Tickets and/or bracelets for Tomorrowland Winter may not be used for commercial nor promotional purposes without the prior consent of the Festival Organizer. 

Tickets and/or bracelets for Tomorrowland Winter cannot be resold without the explicit and written consent of the official ticket vendor or Festival Organizer. The festival tickets that are resold without this explicit and written consent of the official ticket vendor and/or the Festival Organizer do not give any right to enter the Festival. 

The Organizer and/or the official ticket vendor also reserve the right to cancel tickets for Tomorrowland Winter once it has been established that despite this prohibition Tomorrowland Winter tickets have been offered for sale. The costs resulting from this cancellation will be recovered from the buyer. 

Changes in the line-up do not lead to a full or even partial refund of the Festival ticket. 

Forgery of the ticket or bracelet of Tomorrowland Winter will be prosecuted. 

You are not allowed to enter zones to which your bracelet does not allow admission (for example the Comfort zone, press zones, backstage, front of house, stages, etc.);

All Tomorrowland Winter Bracelets will be scanned and validated upon entering the Festival premises.

The Festival Organizer reserves the right to verify (or to have verified by appointed representatives) the identity of everyone entering the Festival premises. If one cannot identify him/herself or the name on the Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet does not match the identity of the Festival Visitor provided in the proof of identity, the Festival Visitor will be refused admission to the Festival. 

A valid proof of identity can be a valid non-expired identity card, passport or driving license. The name on the proof of identity must be the same as the name in which the Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet is registered. Copies of identity papers are not accepted.


The following items are forbidden on the Festival grounds: 

animals (guide-dogs for people who are visually impaired excepted), 

own food and beverages, 


glass, cans, plastic bottles, 

weapons, blunt, stab or thrust weapons or firearms or other items that might be used as a weapon, items that might have a negative effect on the safety, health or well- being of the Festival Visitors,

flags of football clubs,

sticks, walking sticks (medical crutches and devices excepted),

items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions, 


ski- and snowboard material, 

spray cans, sprays, 

fireworks, liquids, flammable objects,

torches and any other item which may be considered as dangerous by the Festival Organizer. 

When in doubt, go to 

It is prohibited to have a bon fire. 

To preserve the safety of Tomorrowland Winter and the other Festival Visitors, you cannot disguise yourself in order to make yourself unrecognizable. 


Using the toilets is free of charge on Tomorrowland Winter. It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public. If caught urinating in public, you run the risk of being removed from the Festival grounds. 


It is prohibited to smoke inside and/or in indoor stages. Designated smoking areas are provided.




It is prohibited to distribute flyers or hang posters during the Festival! No flyers in the streets, on the ski slopes or on the Festival grounds. 


The artists and the organizers of Tomorrowland Winter cannot be held accountable for damage, loss or theft nor for any other accident/incident.