We are glad to inform you that almost all PVR cinema hall that you could have booked for, are providers of cinema cancellation, provided you do so up to 20 minutes prior to the time.

All you need to do is log in to your account via the email ID, click on the booking you wish to cancel under 'Purchase History' and select the active ticket you wish to cancel and hit the 'Cancel' tab.

When you click on the cancel tab, you get an option to select between 'Refund to source' or 'BMS Cash'.

If you opt to cancel the tickets 2 hours or more prior to the show, 25% of the base ticket price is charged as a cancellation fee & the rest 75% of the base ticket price is refunded.

Between 2 hours and 20 mins prior to the show, 50% amount of base ticket price would be charged as a cancellation fee & the remaining 50% amount of base ticket price is refunded.

The amount would be refunded to the source of payment within 5 to 7 working days and in the case opted for BMS Cash it will reflect within a max 2 hours in your profile.

NOTE: If you have split the tickets, cancellation option would be unavailable. The cancellation fee is charged solely by the cinema. BookMyShow retains only the IHF for user-initiated cancellations. If an offer, offer code, loyalty points, etc have been applied to a booking, the transaction is deemed ineligible for cancellation. Unless you're a Superstar user, that is.

Superstars can cancel their transactions, regardless of the offer used and cancellation availability at the cinema.