What is a Sunburn Club Card?

Sunburn Club Card is a loyalty program that grants membership for 1 year until March 2021 and offers several exciting benefits across all Sunburn shows of the season! 

How can I avail this membership?

You can avail this membership on BookMyShow as well as through our official offline promoters.

Is there a physical card available?

Yes, this is a physical card personalised with your name and unique membership number. There will be a nominal delivery charge applicable.

Can I buy membership using Cash?

Yes, you can via our official offline ticketing promoters.

How old do I have to be to avail this membership?

You must be 15 years and above to avail this membership.

Will I be able to get a refund if I am unable to avail any of the benefits?

No refund will be provided for this membership.

Are there any additional charges for booking a ticket online?

Yes, a nominal service charge will be added per transaction.

Is this membership limited to one person?

Yes, the membership is locked to one person per transaction and is non-transferrable.

How can I avail the free GA ticket for an arena? 

Upon purchase of the Sunburn Club Card, you will receive a unique code that usable against the registered email id and phone number only. You can use this code for any ARENA of your choice to avail of this free ticket only ONCE until 31st March 2021. The free ticket can be redeemed only on BookMyShow. This offer can be redeemed only once.

How can I avail the 20% discount for my friends at an arena?

You can avail this benefit for any Sunburn arena of your choice, but applicable only ONCE & up to a maximum of 4 tickets. You can redeem this offer only on BookMyShow and is redeemable only once.

How can I avail 20% additional beverage top-up?

You will receive a physical card via Home Delivery. This card will be valid across all arenas throughout the year. This offer can be redeemed on the ground at every event. There will be a dedicated box office window provided that will allow you to avail this offer. Strict on the ground check will take place to cross-check the validity of the card and verify the club card with your physical ID proof (Aadhar Card/Pan Card/License). This offer can be availed at an arena/festival. You can top up your card multiple times across events but this will be limited to ONE top up per event and up to Rs. 5000/- only. This amount will be available for only that particular event you have topped up for and will not be carried forward to the next event. This offer can be redeemed only at the main event Box office. 

How can I avail 20% off on official merchandise?

You can avail this offer on the Fanhood Webpage and at the merchandise store for all arenas/festivals. At every arena/festival, you will be asked to show your club card which will be verified and cross-checked with your physical ID proof (Aadhar Card/Pan Card/License). Once details have been verified, a 20% flat discount can be given on the spot. This offer can be used multiple times. You can top up your card at the box office and use the same top-up amount to purchase merchandise from the stall at all events. On the Fanhood Webpage, you can use your unique code to avail of this discount.

How can I avail 10% flat discount on all Sunburn Arenas? 

You will be sent a special code which is valid all throughout the year on all Sunburn Arena events. This benefit can be availed multiple times with no restrictions. 

How can I avail a 10% discount on package deals to Sunburn Goa?

This can be availed across all deals that we will be offering on BookMyShow as packages. You will receive a unique code that will allow you to avail this discount. You can redeem this offer only once.

How can I avail a 10% discount on all arenas?

You can avail the discount for all arenas throughout the year. There is no limit to the number of tickets you purchase, but only the original cardholder can avail of this discount. This offer can be redeemed only on BookMyShow.

How can I get free access to Sunburn Club Nights/Pre-Parties?

You will receive an email with a registration link for every event. You will have to fill up this form before a certain deadline. Names will automatically be added to the guest list in the city specified during registration. This will be a first come first serve basis. There will only be a limited number of registrations that will be accepted depending on availability. On ground verification of the club, card will be done along with physical ID proof. Standard club rules will be applicable. If a member does not meet certain club rules, the entry will be denied. 

How will I get the line-up 12 hours prior to the general announcement?

You will receive an emailer from Sunburn revealing the line-up prior to the official announcement. This will be for all arenas and main festival.

How do I avail the special box office and entry lane privileges? 

Please carry your physical Sunburn Club membership card along with you at every Sunburn show you attend. This card will give you access to the box office windows where you can redeem your tickets and top up your beverage coupons with benefits after verification of the membership card. Similarly at the entry lanes, showing this membership card along with the entry wristband for the event will grant you access to the special entry lane! 

How can I get a meet and greet with an artist?

You will receive a registration link for every event. There will be a deadline for filling up this form and will be a first come first serve basis only. Maximum 20 registrations will be accepted for each event and 2 lucky winners selected by the Artist will win a meet and greet. It will be city-specific.

How do I connect with if I have some queries?

You can get in touch with BookMyShow or reach out to Sunburn Club Card support on – info.sbclubcard@gmail.com