What is the age limit for children to buy a ticket?

Below are the age criteria to buy a ticket. Just to keep you informed, for an "A" adult movie this will not be levied.

Mumbai: Children aged 2 years and above will require a ticket for all cinemas in this region (Including KT Vision Vasai).    

For all Carnival cinemas, children aged 3 years and above require a full ticket to watch a movie.

Kanpur: For INOX Z Square & Bada Chauraha cinema, children aged above 5 years will require a ticket. Rest all cinemas in this region require children aged 2 years and above to have a ticket.

Rest of the cities: Children aged 3 years and above will require a ticket.

All children can watch movies. However, some cinema has set rules as an Adult movie (18 years and above) or Under Adult.

SRS Cinemas: The age criteria will differ from state to state.

For Event/Play/Sport: The age limit differs from event to event for which you need to refer the specific event page itself.

Punjab5 Years & above
Himachal Pradesh3 Years & above
Haryana3 Years & above
UP5 Years & above
Rajasthan3 Years & above
Uttarakhand5 Years & above
Jharkhand3 Years & above
Bihar3 Years & above