1. I want to buy a Filmy Pass during the limited period offer, what happens if I can’t use it due to the lockdown?

- If you are unable to redeem your Filmy Pass due to the lockdown situation in your city, we will consider extending the validity of your pass on the best effort basis. You will be informed via SMS/e-mail in case we extend the validity. Happy to help! :) 

2. I have purchased a Filmy Pass, where can I find my code?

- Once you've bought a Filmy Pass, we'll send the unique code to the e-mail id and mobile number entered while purchasing the pass.

3. I have not received my Filmy Passcode

-  If you have not received the Filmy Passcode after purchasing it, please reach out to our customer experience team through support.bookmyshow.com

4.  How do I redeem my Filmy Pass?

- While booking movie tickets, select "Unlock Offers or Apply Promo codes" and apply your Filmy Passcode. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number and you will be prompted to enter it. Once you key in the OTP, the discount will be applied. Note: Email id and the mobile number being used for booking movie tickets should be the same as the ones used while purchasing Filmy Pass

5.  I'm getting an error message despite entering the correct OTP.

-  You'll get an error message if you've already used your Filmy Pass for 3 bookings or if the pass is no longer valid. You may also encounter an error if you use your Filmy Pass more than once on the same day. For more information, please connect over LIVE CHAT.

6. I encountered an unsuccessful transaction while redeeming the Filmy Pass, now I am unable to redeem it. Why?

- Filmy Pass is blocked for 20 minutes if a transaction fails. Wait for 20 minutes and try again. It works!

7.  Can I club any offer (wallet & bank) along with Filmy Pass?

- Unfortunately, two offers cannot be redeemed in one transaction.

8. Can I use my Filmy Pass to buy F&B?

- Currently, it can only be used when you're buying movie tickets.

9. Can I redeem a Filmy Pass on a non-movie transaction?

-  The Filmy Pass can only be used for movie bookings. Unfortunately, you cannot use it to get discounts on tickets for events, sports, and plays.

10. How many times can I redeem a Filmy Pass in a day?
- A Filmy Pass can be redeemed only once in a day. In case you have availed it today, you can try availing it tomorrow.
11. Will the same code be valid for all the 3 movie bookings?

- Yes! The same code needs to be applied for all the 3 bookings.

12.  I want to purchase another Filmy Pass, but am getting an error

- You cannot purchase another Filmy Pass if you already have an active one. A Filmy Pass is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

13. Can you extend the validity of my Filmy Pass?

- A Filmy Pass is valid for 50 days. Unfortunately, we won't be able to extend the life of the pass even if you 

haven't used it within the valid period.

14. I've done the transactions using Filmy Pass, can I purchase another one now?
- You can purchase only one Filmy Pass in 90 days. Once 90 days are up, you can buy another.