Mumbai Indians bookings for rest of the games start on 2nd April at 12 PM. 

> Phase 1:
Slice exclusive Window ( 48 hours): Anyone with slice UPI can book tickets

                 Starts: 2nd April 12:00 PM

                 Ends : 4th April 12:00 PM

> Phase 2:
Pre-sales for Gold, silver and junior members (24 hours): locked to MI gold, silver, junior members   

                Starts: 4th April 4:00 PM

                Ends :  5th April 4:00 PM

> Phase 3:
Pre-sales for MI Blue members and BMS registered users (48 hours): locked to MI blue members, BMS                   registered users 

                Starts: 5th April 5:00 PM 

                Ends : 7th April 5:00 PM

> Phase 4:
Sales open to all general public 

                 Starts: 7th April 5:00 PM