Q1. For XYZ reason, the you've left play card application in between, can it be resumed from where he left?

> Certainly, just open the BMS play card page and click on the resume/ complete application cta, you’ll be able to resume your application right where you had left.

Q2. About the KYC process: 

A) How and where will I receive the communication about the KYC schedule and the prerequisites?

> Upon scheduling the KYC, you can expect a confirmation email about the schedule and the documents required for the KYC process. For the video KYC, you shall receive a link via SMS from the bank’s side.

B) On the BookMyShow apps, where I can find my application status and KYC schedule and the prerequisites?

> In my profile, play card section, you can find the application status, KYC schedule and the prerequisites for the KYC.

C) I’m unavailable at the current selected time slot. Can I reschedule my appointment? What are the steps?

> Absolutely, you can reschedule the KYC appointment. In my profile, play card section, you may click on the KYC schedule option and reschedule it.

Q3. My KYC is done and the application has been submitted. How long will it take to get the approval/ rejection?

> After the successful KYC completion. The approval or rejection happens in the next 3 business days. And in the next 10-15 working days you’ll receive the card.

Q4. Will I receive any communication informing me about the status/ progress of my application?

> Indeed, you’ll receive communication via Email/ SMS/ WA from RBL bank about a) scheduling KYC, b) re-scheduling KYC c) completing KYC, d) final approval/ rejection from the bank. 

Communication about card activation will be covered in one of the other communications.