Q1. My card application has been rejected. Can I re-apply the card from BookMyShow or elsewhere?

> You can certainly try again after 90 days.

Q2. Will I be notified about the approval of my card application? And how?

> Certainly, you’ll receive communication via Email/ SMS/ WhatsApp upon final approval/ rejection of your application.

Q3. My application has been approved. How soon can I expect the card to be delivered at home?

> The card usually gets delivered in 15 working days post approval. 

Q4. My application was approved XYZ days back. I’ve not received my card yet. Who should I reach out to?

> After the successful KYC completion, it takes 15 days for your card to reach your registered address. If it’s been more than that please reach out to RBL.

Q5. I have received my card. How do I activate the card?

> The card automatically gets activated once you do your first transaction. Information about the same will also be a part of the welcome kit, email and on the card management screen. 

Q6. I’ve my primary play card. Can I apply for the add-on card?

> BMS play cards program does not offer an add-on card.