Q1. Can I pay my BMS play credit card bill on the BMS platform itself? 

> Definitely, you can pay your card bill on the BMS platform itself. Under “Profile” section, go to the BMS Play Card option then you can see your credit card bill amount and the “Pay Now” button. Just click the button and complete the transaction.

Q2. Can I view my credit limit, billing cycle, pending bill, unbilled transactions etc the BMS platform itself? 

> Yes, you can see all the information related to your BMS Play credit card right on BMS itself. You can see your available credit limit, billing cycle, upcoming payment, unbilled transaction.

Q3. Will I be able to convert my play card bill into EMIs? What options in EMI do I have? What are the steps?

> Yes, you can convert your bill into EMIs. This can be done using the RBL bank’s app.

Q4. Can I pay the bill for my card through Cred or the bank app directly? 

> You can pay your bill through Cred.  

Q5. Where can I see the offers available/ applicable on my card?

> From the “Profile” section in the bottom nav on the app and right menu bar on the website, go to BMS Play card section, you can see the benefits and the offers available on your card in the Offers section.

Q6. Will I be able to see the offers that I have redeemed or have already expired?

> Yes, in the “Profile” section go to BookMyShow Play card, you can see the offers with their expiry date (if any).

Q7. Will I be able to save my card in BMS quickpay for future use?

> You’ll be able to save your Play card in the quick pay for an easy checkout in the future.

Q8. Does the BMS Play card support Tap & Pay?

> Yes. you can pay up to INR.5000 through the tap & pay feature.