The Newest Way to Use Your Mobile Ticket and here are a few commonly asked questions about Mobile Tickets

Information on M-Ticket:

M-ticket is a digital ticket securely stored in your BookMyShow account and accessible on your Smartphone. When your event is M-ticket only, your ticket(s) will not be available in printed form or emailed to you. 

Enter the venue:

We recommend using our App. Upon arrival at the venue, you can locate your ticket(s) in the 'Your Orders' section of your BookMyShow app or the mobile website. Display each ticket QR code to the scanner at the gate and walk right in!! :)

Carry a physical copy of the ticket:

Entry is via QR codes only visible in either Mobile App or Mobile Browser. P.S: A print copy of either Booking Confirmation or E-mail confirmation does not entitle entry to the venue. 

Smartphone to access my M-Ticket:

Yes! M-tickets are visible once you have logged into your BookMyShow account via either Mobile App or Mobile Browser. 

Multiple tickets on a single phone:

Yes, you can. Once you open your event booking in the Your Orders, swipe to view multiple tickets within your account. 

The group is not arriving together:

If you bought tickets for your group, our simple ticket transfer feature makes it easy to distribute tickets instead of waiting outside. 

To skip the hassle of coordinating a get-together, visit your BookMyShow app or mobile account to send tickets to your friends in just a few taps. 

Mobile App 

Step 1. Open your BookMyShow app and log into your registered account. 

Step 2. Tap 'Profile' on the bottom-right of the screen and tap on the 'Your Orders' section. 

Step 3. Scroll to the event you have booked the ticket for and select it. 

Step 4. Below the ticket QR code, tap the 'Transfer Ticket' button. 

Step 5. Select the recipient of that ticket from your address book and select 'Done' on the top-right.


*You must grant the app access to your address book to see your contacts for both iOS and Android.

Mobile Browser

Step 1. Open the BookMyShow website in your mobile browser and log into your registered account. 

Step 2. Tap the 'Profile' button on the bottom right corner of your browser window, and scroll to the 'Your Orders' section. 

Step 3. Scroll to the event you have booked the ticket for and select it. 

Step 4. Below the ticket QR code, tap the 'Transfer Ticket' button. 

Step 5. Input the name and 10 Digit mobile number of the recipient of that ticket and select the Done option on the top right corner. 

Log in to use M-Ticket

 Yes. M-tickets can only be accessed and displayed on a mobile phone using the BookMyShow app or mobile web and hence requires a user to be logged in to an existing account when transacting and when using the M-ticket for entry at the venue. Since a user is logged into an account, the tickets are securely stored against the user's account.

Account required in BookMyShow to accept tickets

Yes! and it takes just a few seconds to create one if your friend is new to BookMyShow. If your friend already has an account, do be sure to use the mobile number associated with his or her BookMyShow account so that it's easy for them to accept the sent ticket(s). 

Pending' meaning ?

Our transfer feature is built to digitally mimic a physical transfer. This means that until the recipient accepts the transferred ticket, it will remain 'Pending' for acceptance or be Cancelled from being transferred. 

Transferred some tickets to the incorrect person:

You can find the list of friends to whom you have transferred tickets on the event screen in 'Your Orders' section. Besides each individual is a 'Cancel' button. Simply tap the cancel option and the transfer will be revoked. If however, you have transferred the ticket to the wrong person, and they have already accepted it, you can contact our Customer Experience Force here and ask them to hotlist the specific ticket bar-code. Please note that you will, therefore, forego entry to this specific ticket. 

Transfer ticket after an event has started:

Yes. However, it is best to transfer the ticket(s) to your friend(s) before you enter the venue. This way, you won't use a ticket that was meant for your friend.

Would I be able to transfer tickets for all events?

By default, the ability to transfer ticket(s) would always be enabled for all events. However, if the event requires this to be restricted for security, or other, purposes, the facility may be disabled.

Can I use a screenshot of my mobile ticket to enter and how do I access M-tickets without internet access at the venue? 

No, you may not. Your M-ticket is securely stored in your BookMyShow account and visible via login on the mobile browser or BookMyShow app. We recommend opening the 'Your Orders' section on your Mobile app prior to arriving at the event. Once accessed, our app will save your tickets and display them even in the event you lose internet access.

What happens if my ticket doesn't scan properly? 

This ticket works best with a bright screen, and our app is designed to automatically brighten your screen only while the ticket QR code is being displayed. Double-check your setting just to be sure it doesn’t need to be adjusted.